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While some had hoped that Flash Wolves may prove to be the “Korean kryptonite” that everybody had been talking about, SK Telecom T1 proved their dominance in grand fashion in Brazil. They swept the Flash Wolves 3-0 in the League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational 2017 to move on to the finals.

League of Legends MSI 2017 Semifinals

The casters were quick to point out that Flash Wolves had a positive record against defending MSI champions SK Telecom T1. Going into todays matches, Flash Wolves had actually maintained a 4-2 record against SKT. And the Flash Wolves looked very strong in the start, controlling the map, getting picks on SKT’s members, and seeming like it really was going to be a competitive series.

But in trademark fashion, SK Telecom T1 took advantage of every little mistake their opponents made, turning that first game on a knife’s edge. They took down 4 members from Flash Wolves in a team fight then quickly turned their attention to Baron. Their power play from that would prove enough not only to put the gold lead in their favor for just about the first time all match, but to power right through the Nexus.

The next two games, it seemed as though Flash Wolves was backed into a corner. While their star players, mid-laner Maple and jungler Karsa, did have a few plays and a few picks, the momentum was decidedly against them for the remainder of the series.

With their win, SK Telecom T1 secure their spot at the MSI finals to take place Sunday. Their opponent will be whoever emerges victorious after tomorrows bo5 match between China’s WE and Europe’s G2 Esports. Tune in tomorrow at 11AM PDT to see if G2 can upset the number 2 seed in the tournament, and who will have to deal with SKT in the finals.


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