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First Patch For Inner Chains Delayed

Sometimes, in order to get something done right, you need to take a little extra time to refine it. That’s exactly what the team behind the FPS action horror game Inner Chains is doing. They noted on Steam that they want to take some extra time with the games very first patch, even though they said it would be out by now. They hope that players will understand where they’re coming from, as they want this patch to mean something to the game.

“In order to make the first patch as effective as possible, we have decided to postpone it a few days.”

As they also reveal, the point of this is to add more fixes and polish to the patch so that it shines once it releases later this week. They thank you for your patience and hope that when it comes out you’ll truly understand and appreciate the work they’ve put into it. Things you can expect are graphic settings that weren’t there before, sound and gameplay improvements, and improved control settings. Along with other bug fixes and standard patch fixes.

But what is Inner Chains? Well, it’s an FPS action adventure horror title that takes place on a very futuristic version of Earth. However, it’s not the kind of futuristic that you’re thinking of. You see, mankind had left their planet alone for a very long time, and in doing so, allowed nature to grow and actually become one with the technology that man had left behind. This created new biomechanical technology that flourished.

Yet, man returned, and fell into old habits that led to tyranny, abuse of power, and more. You are a person on this dark new world, and you want desperately to escape it. To do so, you’ll have to figure of the secrets of the Inner Chains world, and fight for your life while also fighting what makes you human.


Written by GlyphMasterson

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