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Fire Emblem Heroes Bridal Blessings Focus Group Is Live

Fire Emblem Heroes has been one of Nintendo’s most successful mobile games, and arguably the highlight of their mobile initiative, especially when you consider that Pokemon GO isn’t technically owned by them. What makes it so strong of a mobile title is its constant string of updates and changes that make every week or so feel fresh and new. And now, with the upcoming arrival of June, the game is taking an interesting twist by turning some of its characters into brides.

Yep, following the real world tradition of a “June Bride,” Fire Emblem Heroes is taking four of its lovely ladies and putting them in bridal outfits and outfitting them with wedding/love themed weapons. Caeda¬†(Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon), Lyn (Fire Emblem Blazing Sword), and Cordelia (Fire Emblem Awakening) are all getting this treatment.

But in a twist, the fourth member of this group is Charlotte from Fire Emblem Fates. Why is this is a twist? Well, this is her debut in the game, she was not in it before this Bridal Blessings group, leaving some to wonder if she’ll make her “standard attire” debut a little later on. So, why is she in this group? Well, it likely has to do with her personality, which is that she wants to be married, taken care of, and have lots of money. Yep, that’s Charlotte!

This isn’t the first time that Fire Emblem Heroes has gone this route in terms of seasonal outfits. The last one they did was a Spring Festival that saw some of the characters dress up in Easter outfits for fun, and that got a big reaction from players. Should this trend continue, you have to wonder what celebration will come next. Maybe something for 4th of July?

Along with the Summon Group, there are also new quests and new Paralogue missions to get more orbs to try and summon these bridal beauties.

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