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Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition Revealed

Final Fantasy XV has become one of the fan-favorite titles in the legendary franchise. Its characters, story, and battles have made it something special. So it’s not surprising that Square Enix is trying to make sure it’s as accessible as it can be to players. The developer/publisher recently announced that Final Fantasy XV would be coming to PC, and now, they’re doing something else to make it more accessible by putting it on phones with Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition. Yes, that’s right, Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition.

So what is the Pocket Edition? Well, imagine the grand world and look of Final Fantasy XV and shrink it down to the level of Chibi. That’s pretty much what’s going on here. But in a twist, Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition has the entire story of the console/PC version of the game, more-or-less. You will still be in control of Noctis and his friends, you’ll still meet all the characters from the main game, and you’re still on a quest to save your home.

But in a twist, the mobile game will have the story spread across 10 episodes. What’s more, only the first episode is free. Yes, that means you’ll have to pay for the other 9 episodes of content, which is already rubbing some players the wrong way.

The intent with this title is to make it so “fans and newcomers alike the freedom to journey through Eos whenever and from wherever they want.” But not everyone is convinced. The Chibi style has been done before for Final Fantasy games, but early signs show this isn’t the same as in the past.

What’s more, many have played this game already. XV was the fastest selling Final Fantasy game ever, and has sold millions of copies. The desire for a Chibi-style remake, and one where you pay for episodes, may not be as beloved as Square Enix thinks.

Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition arrives this fall.

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