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Final Fantasy XV Player Details New Ranked System

Final Fantasy XV has been a hit since launch, and even months later, players are still finding things to enjoy in it. To that end, Square Enix is finding ways to make sure the game stays in good quality, as well as make sure players are entertained. And, they still make adjustments based on player feedback, as with the recently added all-new Ranked System. But some players weren’t exactly sure how the new system worked, so one player decided to spell it out a bit better.

This comes from Reddit User TheMalk, who was happy to help out his fellow Final Fantasy XV players by answering their questions.

So, according to him, the new Ranked System is divided up into three competitions. One that is hourly, one that is daily, and one that is overall. Your best score from your hourly competition is what gets put into the other two. In his example, if you score 100 points while fishing in a one hour session, that is your score. Now, if you do another fishing session the next hour, and you do better, that’ll be your new daily and overall score, it won’t get added to the previous one.

What does this mean? Well, TheMalk notes that this means you don’t have to play non-stop just to get a high score, you just need to do well in the hour or two you play Final Fantasy XV each day. Plus, since your scores get automatically submitted (except for one rare case) you won’t have to worry about personally inputting your scores.

Ranking is based on points, but even that is a little tricky as players can get the same score. TheMalk states that you should try and play Final Fantasy XV at least once a day so that you can maintain your good score and rank among everyone else.

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