Final Fantasy XV Officially Delayed

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by Dante


As of today, Square Enix officially announced that their upcoming game, Final Fantasy XV, is being pushed back to a November 29, 2016, release. You can watch the video down below for the official statement, and be sure to turn on Closed Captioning if you’re speaking English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Chinese, or Korean.


As expected, a lot of fans are foaming with rage right now, as they waited a long and painful period of ten years, and now they have to wait for two more dreadful months. There are rumors  that the game is in a rough shape, from a technical perspective, so the two months are probably being used to polish up everything and prepare for the launch in the best way possible. Fans need to calm down a little, as it’s better to wait for those two months then to get a semi-playable game with various problems and bugs. Delays almost always result in a better game, so just find something to keep your mind busy for the next two months.


In the video above, the director humbly apologized for the wait, in a fricking video, in person. You have to respect that no matter how much you want to play the game!

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