Final Fantasy XV – Odeon Launch Celebration

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by Daniel Csaki

We are finally nearing the long-awaited launch of Final Fantasy XV and there is a special event planned for this, to be hosted in the UK and Ireland.


Sony Pictures Entertainment will cooperate with Odeon Cinemas in presenting the Final Fantasy XV: Road to Release event. The event will have various awesome elements to pump up the hype of the delayed release of Square Enix’s latest addition to the series. On November 22nd, Odeon Cinemas in the UK and Ireland will be showing exciting things like a 1-hour live stream and those who attend will also be able to watch the CGI movie, Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV.

odeon_logo“Square Enix is pleased to announce ODEON presents FINAL FANTASY XV: Road to Release…”

Furthermore, those who purchase a ticket for the Final Fantasy: Road to Release will receive a “goodie bag” and get access to interviews and an exclusive introduction from director Takeshi Nozue.

Final Fantasy XV is set to arrive on November 29th on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles and hopefully will be soon followed by the promised final_fantasy_xv_official_japanese_boxartFinal Fantasy VII Remake. For those few who do not know, Final Fantasy XV revolves around the journey of Prince Noctis and his allies who strive to beat the empire of Niflheim. A great deal of the background story has been revealed in the Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV CGI movie which we strongly advise you to watch before the official release of the game. We do not want to present any spoilers, but watching the movie will get you a better understanding of the crisis that Final Fantasy XV revolves around.

“…a captivating cast of characters, breath-taking visuals, open world exploration and thrilling action-packed real-time combat…”


Stay tuned for more Final Fantasy related news and don’t forget to attend the Odeon Cinemas event if you are anywhere close to the UK or Ireland.

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