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Final Fantasy XV Mini-Game Gets Mobile Release

It’s funny how video games work sometimes. Because while developers put weeks, months, and sometimes years into the bulk of the games, sometimes it’s the side games, the mini-games, the gags, etc. that get the most attention, or even better, become their own game because of its popularity. A great example of this is Gwent from The Witcher series, and now, Final Fantasy XV can add itself to that list, as the mini-game King’s Knight: Wrath of the Dark Dragon has come to iOS and Android platforms.

If you’re not familiar, King’s Knight was a little mini-game that Noctis and his buddies in Final Fantasy XV could play, and it was so addictive that fans asked for more. So, naturally, Square Enix answered the call, albeit, in their own way. By that, we mean that the game is much bigger, much more detailed, and much grander than what you saw in the original mini-game.

King’s Knight is a vertical style arcade shooter, but, it has many RPG elements as well, including being able to help team members, or betray them and get all the glory yourself. Thus adding some fun and randomness into things should you want it. In the game, you’ll need to destroy enemies, but also, like an arcade shooter, blast all objects that get in your way.

Adding to the grandness, this version of King’s Knight has an all-new story, a massive world to explore, over 100 quests to do, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. And yeah, just like how Noctis and his crew could team up to play it, you can team up with three of your friends and dive headfirst into the game. Do you think you’ll be able to work together to take on the hordes of enemies that await you? Along with the Dark Dragon itself?

You can find out now because the game is free to download!

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