Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV EU recently held a contest for the players of the game to design gear for some of the categories of characters. In this case, the Ranged Magic DPS category, and the Healer Category. They had simple rulesĀ and simple expectations, where all they wanted for the community to truly be involved in the design process. What they didn’t expect, was the vast array of replies.

As the team notes on their page, they had to sift through numerous entries of incredible quality just to pick the ones that would be considered for the final round. In the end, they picked 104 pieces (which is still an incredible amount) to go into the final process with. 52 are for the Ranged Magic DPS Category, and the other 52 are for the Healer Category.

The team behind Final Fantasy XIV will move onto the final judging, and the winners from both categories are intended to be revealed by March 28th. There will be one grand prize winner for both categories, with 10 runners up for each category as well.

The grand prize winners will have their designs entered into the game, a true honor, along with a set of items for the game. The runners-up will get in-game items too.

Final Fantasy XIV

As you’ll see, there’s a lot of art to choose from, so it’ll be interesting to see not only who makes the cut, but which piece will be determined to be the “cut above the rest”.

These contests are beautiful in a way, not only because we get to see the artistic talent of the players who play games like Final Fantasy XIV, but we also get to see the passion and detail they put into their drawings, so be sure to check out all the designs that were put into this selection.


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