Patch 3.55a of MMORPG FINAL FANTASY XIV will bring some changes and additions with it, including the return of exploratory missions, a new quest giver related to Khloe (responsible for the Wondrous Tails journal), and a new PvP map. PvP will also be getting a few other additions and changes, including a feature called Sudden Death.

Revealed at the European Fan Festival, there are no further details regarding how exactly Sudden Death will work, but PvP players speculate that it will attempt to solve issues with matches resulting in draws. User KusoWat suggests that the change is a bad idea as it sounds like a quick stacking Culling Time that kicks in at the 8-minute mark. They go over three points as to why Sudden Death is a bad idea.


It benefits specific jobs

KusoWat suggests that Sudden Death would further increase the unbalancing issues as it only benefits jobs with quicker cooldowns who can take advantage of the feature. “Jobs like Paladin, White Mage, and Summoner have huge cooldowns to take advantage of a Sudden Death mechanic at this point in the match.” They say, adding that “Abilities like Sacred Prism and Hallowed Ground, for example, will now become more valued than ever.”

Further imbalance of melee Limit Break

Depending on the damage amplification applied by Sudden Death, melee Limit Breaks (LB for short) might turn out to be even worse than it already was. As noted by KusoWat, “At 2 stacks of culling, melee LB can one shot anything but a tank outright […]” There are only a few ways to counter melee LBs and they are conditional. In some cases, counters such as “Testudo, Thrill, and a well-timed Benediction will not save you here.”

“Cheaper” strategies

This suggests that, instead of going all out as they normally would, teams could choose to wait and use their most deadly abilities during Sudden Death. This would result in the Feast becoming┬áless about skill and more about who has the larger cooldowns. As pointed out, “It’s fair to argue that this is legitimate, but my opinion is that it takes away from the defensive options available […]”

Other players seem to share the same concern. ThirdChild_ZKI mentions that they “struggle to understand just what they intend to turn the Feast into?” Sudden Death is not the first change made to the mode Feast (which comprises FINAL FANTASY XIV‘s seasonal PvP ranking). Other additions and changes such as the removal of chat functions caused a stir due to how they could affect the outcome of matches or deepen the imbalance that’s been present for a long time now.

Patch 3.55a of FINAL FANTASY XIV becomes available on February 28.

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