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Does Final Fantasy XIV Have A Penalty System Problem?

Video games are meant to be fun, and they’re meant to be played without fear of seeing or hearing anything bad from others who might be playing the game too. But with advances in technology, the growth of online play, and games that have hundreds if not thousands of players playing all at once, that can be very difficult to do. So developers take measures to ensure that gamers are not harassed or cheated by other gamers. But in the case of Square Enix, their policies are apparently leading to serious problems for Final Fantasy XIV players.

This comes from RarePopoto, who goes into great detail on Reddit on how Square Enix’s policy about penalties is very outdated, and its leading to many players in in Final Fantasy XIV getting suspensions and other punishments despite certain circumstances.

“Final Fantasy has had a significant online presence for over 15 years now and during that time, their policies regarding player interactions and infractions has not show any significant change.”




Final Fantasy XIV

For example, since way back in Final Fantasy XI, Square Enix has had a “three-strike system.” Meaning three infractions and you’re done. On the surface, that seems very fair. Three warnings, then a dismissal. But there’s a catch. Let’s say you make a mistake and you got a strike. Then, a year or so passes and you accidentally make another mistake. Which strike are you on? Two, because your first one never went away. There’s no way to remove strikes from your record, regardless of the time that it’s been since the previous one.

Moreover, it’s basically impossible to get a ban overturned because the people players talk to about this, the GMs, don’t have the power to overturn the rulings. Finally, the penalties for all infractions are basically the same, which isn’t really fair in some cases as an argument can potentially get you the same penalty as cheating in Final Fantasy XIV.

So, what’s the solution? Well, Rarepopoto thinks that GMs need to have more power in regards to overturning strikes and penalties. Players need to be able to make their case and not just “take” the penalty.

Many Redditors agree with this idea, and want change. How about you?

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  1. Sorry I’ve been with them for the full time they have been online. Don’t harass people or cheat or bother people and you won’t have to worry about being banned. And Don’t manipulate the market and you won’t have to worry. Don’t use fowl language. And know who you’re playing with. If they are friends you can trust don’t worry n if they are strangers yet then as if you are not a douche and you didn’t need to be banned. It’s better to blacklist someone then have an account lost.

  2. Ive been banned for xalling someone a asshole but they also started the argument and used bad language as well and even told menthey would find me in RL and kill me. They didnt get a ban. I did. And i got banned for 4 days because suspension dont take effect till the start of the next day and i was banned at 12:30am… all because the chocobo ive had since day 1 release over 4 years agos name.i got banned on july 1st this year i couldnt play till midnight the 5th

  3. As the above poster said. Don’t be a douche and you’ll be fine. I’ve played FFXI and FFXIV both since game launch and have never received even a warning. What “mistakes” are people making? Cheating? Ranking in public chats? Harassing other players? These aren’t “mistakes”. They are players behaving badly who deserve punishment.

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