Square Enix has released the Patch Notes for their latest update to the game in the form of Patch 3.57. The new patch has been outlined as not only refining many bug fixes that have been plaguing the game, but also improvements and adjustments to things such as the anima weapon story quests, Alexander Savage, and much more.

First up, the anima weapon story questions. The Final Fantasy XIV team has decided to lower the difficulty in regards to getting items that are needed to complete the quests, thus allowing you to complete them with less hassle. For example, the Luminous Crystal drop rate has been increased, and elementally aspected luminous crystals that you exchange for Astral Nodules and Umbral Nodules got lowered from three of each to one of each. When you exchange items with Ulan, you’ll now get two Crystal Sands instead of one. If you’re trying to get Singing Clusters, you now only need to get 80 Allagan tomestones instead of 150. That’s a big drop.

Moving onto the battle system, they have removed the restriction on Alexandrian Gears when you complete the Alexander – The Soul of the Creator quest. This means you can now get as many as you want. The number of gears you needed to get Micro Tomestone has been reduced to 4. Plus, the strength of your Alexander Savage echo has been increased, and it’ll give boosts to your party’s maximum HP, damage dealt, and healing magic potency.


Another interesting adjustment is that you can now go to certain trials via the Duty Finder. This includes The Minstrel’s Ballad: Thordan’s Reign, Containment Bay S1T7 (Extreme), The Minstrel’s Ballad: Nidhogg’s Rage, and the Containment Bay P1T6 (Extreme).

There’s even more that was added or fixed to Final Fantasy XIV via this patch, including bug fixes and repairs. Be sure to check out the full patch notes to see what else has been put into the game.


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