Final Fantasy XIV Patch 3.3 Notes

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maxresdefaultSquare Enix really did it  this time. The new Final Fantasy XIV patch is bringing a ton of new content that we are really excited about.

We are now going to highlight some of the most notable changes and/or updates in this patch.

Final Fantasy XIV patch 3.3 is also going by the title Revenge of the Horde. The completely new main quest scenarios have been added to the game, followed by the vast number of the side quests. We can’t wait to jump into the immersive new world FF XIV has prepared for us. Some of these quests we already mentioned before, and you can read all about that right here.

Additionally, you will be able to find new vendors that will be selling a ton of new items and they are nicely spread across the land.


Aquapolis is the name, and hunting treasure is the game. Brand new Treasure Hunting map has been added into the game. This special instance can be accessed by finding and opening treasure bags obtained from Dragonskin treasure maps.


Housing and the Grand companies are also getting some new and fun content.

All in all, really a ton of new stuff is introduced to us in this patch. As we said before, the list is big but have in mind that many stuff is regarding tweaking and polishing some smaller bug that was a pain in the neck before.

Every segment of the game is getting something new. If you want to find something specific follow this link.





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