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Final Fantasy XIV launches new event and campaign

Final Fantasy XIV is constantly growing, and they want to make sure there’s enough for everyone to do, including those who have not played the game for a while. So, to that end, two very special events have been launched. One is a brand new seasonal quest that’ll be live until next month, and the other is a special event for current players to bring back inactive players back into the fold. Here are the details.

First up, a brand new seasonal quest is set to go live this week starting on the 19th. Titled “An Othardian Wolfman in Gridania”, you’ll be tasked with keeping a local area safe from potential threats. Here’s the full synopsis of the quest:

“The men and women and more nebulous entities of the Continental Circus are about their business once more, and various parties are duly concerned. However, an Adventurers’ Guild investigator is worried not only for the well-being of the local populace but that of a goodly traveler with certain uncommon traits…”

Low-budget PC

The quest will be active until November 1st, and as with all Final Fantasy XIV seasonal quests, you cannot participate in it when it’s gone. Check out the quest page for details on items you can get for completing it.

Second, the team at Square Enix wants your help in trying to woo back players who have been inactive for quite some time. Dubbed the “Callback Campaign“, which is live right now, you’re given the power to literally invite people back to the game. If they’ve been inactive for over 90 days, and you successfully bring them back to the MMORPG, you’ll be rewarded for your efforts.

What’s more, if you are the returnee, you too will be rewarded with certain items and perks that’ll help you decided whether to stay in the game this time or not.

This event will take place until the beginning of next year. So don’t be afraid to send out official invites!

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