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Final Fantasy XIV Group “Team Chocobros” Raised Over $5K For Extra Life

In case you didn’t hear, there was a major fundraising event held yesterday called Extra Life. It’s a video-game focused charity event in which gamers from all over pledge to play video games for 24 hours in order to try and help raise money for children in hospitals. Specifically,¬†Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. It’s a major event, and many, MANY groups take part in it. In fact, even Reddit takes part in it, and they even get their subreddits to work together to raise even more money for the event.

One such subreddit formation was the Final Fantasy team, in which four different Final Fantasy subreddits worked together to try and raise money for Extra Life. They called themselves the “Chocobros”, a reference to a recent Final Fantasy title, and their goal was $5000 raised for the event. They played Final Fantasy XIV among other titles to ensure they got to that goal…and they did.

Final Fantasy XIV

That’s right, they did make their goal, in fact, they made it with $31 to spare. Cutting it close…but still making it, and isn’t that what matters? It’s actually quite inspiring considering that Reddit has a somewhat infamous reputation when it comes to their communities, and yet, they seem to know when to pull it together to make a difference, much like here with Extra Life.

The Chocobros weren’t the only ones participating in Extra Life, many gaming and entertainment based companies rallied together to try and make the event a success. No doubt one of the biggest ones was Rooster Teeth, who actually stayed up the entire 24 hours to try and raise money for the event, and in the process, raised 1.2 million dollars. It makes you wonder how much we could raise if we all rallied together to try and make a difference.

One day maybe. One day.

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