Patch 3.5 of FINAL FANTASY XIV brought with it a collaboration with Japanese tokusatsu GARO, a television show broadcast in Japan between 2005 and 2006. The collaboration gives players...

Patch 3.5 of FINAL FANTASY XIV brought with it a collaboration with Japanese tokusatsu GARO, a television show broadcast in Japan between 2005 and 2006. The collaboration gives players the opportunity to acquire GARO inspired sets of armor (including accompanying weapons) and mounts, but in order to get access to them, players must go through PvP matches. If you’re new to PvP in FFXIV, whether you plan on playing it regularly after the event is over or just this one time for the mounts, this guide will help you get started whilst keeping a focus on the objective: the three mounts acquired from PvP achievements.

Getting started

New players may have a hard time getting into this event if they don’t want to rush through the story or power level too much. PvP is unlocked at level 30, but the modes required for the achievements can only be accessed by classes/jobs at levels 50 and 60, which means owning Heavensward is necessary. On top of that, in order to be eligible for the achievements you have to acquire one or more (you only need one but can get more if you’d like) level 60 sets of gear from the NPC Disreputable Priest (Wolve’s Den Pier, X:5.0 Y5.3).


First off, upon reaching level 30 in any class, an NPC in the HQ of the Grand Company you pledged allegiance to will have a quest with a + sign next to it (this means the quest will unlock new features). The quest will guide you to the Wolve’s Den, FINAL FANTASY XIV’s PvP lobby where players can duel, test their skills on dummies, and exchange a currency known as Wolf Mark (exclusive to PvP) for gear, materia, and even a minion that can only be acquired from the Materia Provisioner NPC (X:5.6 Y:6.1). The Wolve’s Den has its own aetheryte, but for those wishing to save some gil, it can be accessed manually by talking to the ferry skipper at Lower La Noscea (Moraby Drydocks, X:26.8 Y:35.8).

Upon reaching level 50, a quest to unlock the Frontline mode will become available from an NPC back at your Grand Company’s HQ. This will make The Borderland Ruins (Slaughter and Secure) available from the Duty Finder, but players have been more active in the level 60 instances Seal Rock (Seize) and The Fields of Glory (Shatter), which alongside Wolf Marks award Allagan tomestones of lore and scripture. Furthermore, the quest “A Seat at the Feast” can be accepted from Alys in Mor Dhona (X:21.7 Y:8.6) upon reaching level 60 and clearing the Grand Company quest “A Pup No Longer”, which becomes available at level 50. Notice that “A Seat at the Feast” becomes visible much earlier than level 60, but you cannot accept it before meeting those requirements.


The healer set as worn by a Scholar.

Both Frontline and Feast are essential for the event as the titles that award the mounts come from these modes specifically.

Step one: Acquiring a title

Now that you have both Frontline and Feast unlocked, it’s time to farm some Wolf Marks in order to get started in the GARO event. The aforementioned Disreputable Priest NPC sells a collection of PvP gear (iLvl 235). She will also give you a title for wearing specific sets. For example, by purchasing and wearing the full healer set–including a weapon–and selecting the option “receive a new title” from the Disreputable Priest will clear one of three achievements pertaining to each healing job (White Mage, Scholar, and Astrologian). Be aware, however, that you only have to purchase and wear a weapon, a head, body, hands, legs, and feet pieces in order for the NPC to give you the title. Belts and accessories are optional.

After receiving your title, open your character sheet and move to the tab “profile”. Under “title”, select the one the Disreputable Priest gave you. Since I play as a Scholar, my title is “Makai Scholar”. In order to clear the achievements, you have to run a specific amount of PvP matches, both in Frontline and Feast whilst wearing any titles given by the NPC.

Step two: Acquiring the three mounts

Three achievements will award you the three mounts introduced in patch 3.5 as part of the GARO collaboration. These are the battle achievement “Furious Fatalities” (awards the summoning item Raigo Pipe), the Frontline achievement “Frontline Fury” (Ginga Pipe), and the Wolve’s Den achievement “Fatal Feast” (Goten Pipe). In order to progress on all three, you must win matches on both Frontline and Feast whilst wearing any of the titles the Disreputable Priest gave you.

Fatal Feast requires that you win 30 Feast matches, while Frontline Fury has you winning 10 Frontline campaigns. Furious Fatalities asks that you win a total of 60 PvP matches spread across Frontline and Feast, meaning that your progress across both modes will count towards this achievement.

Tips and tricks

PvP is very different from PvE. For instance, tanks are not necessarily required to hold enemies, but rather deal burst damage. Healers don’t have access to the valuable Cleric Stance, meaning their sole purpose is keeping their teammates alive. Because to that, healers are usually the first priority for the enemy team, with DPS roles coming second and tanks, last. The healer is the most vital role and thus, teammates should defend them when possible as well as not stray too far from their reach. A wipe can be blamed on bad healing, but a single death can also be blamed on a player chasing unnecessary targets or straying away from the group for whatever reason and thus being cornered by multiple enemies.

Frontline is the perfect playground to learn how to apply your PvE skills in PvP as well as understand where your PvP skills are applicable. In the case of healers, for example, it’s important to understand how the PvP skills are meant to grant some level of survivability as well as how offensive skills can become useful even though Cleric Stance can’t be used. The healer’s job in PvP is not to DPS, but causing debuffs can help your allies depending on the situation.

Frontline: This is perhaps the most strategic mode, where the level of communication reflects on the team’s performance. Sometimes matches are held among three full parties. However, due to the high amount of players queueing for the mode, it’s very common to be matched to a 72-players campaign (with all three Grand Companies against each other) where you will be teaming up with an alliance (three parties of 8 players). For that reason, make sue to have a sound notification for the alliance chat and make use of it instead of the party chat. Pay attention to what veterans will say and follow their coordinates.


Seal Rock (Seize) is a highly situational battleground where communication plays a more vital role than in Fields of Glory (Shatter). In this mode, players must dominate and secure Allagan tomeliths. There’s no step-by-step guide to this as most decisions must be made in real time, but one thing most Seize runners would ask is not to chase targets. Pushing opposing teams and securing tomeliths is more important than individual victories. Staying together as a group and following the veteran’s lead is one step closer to victory, the other being praying for a good strategist who can make decisions as quickly as the enemy acts.

Although important, communication is not as essential in Fields of Glory (Shatter). The objective of this specific mode is to destroy icebound tomeliths before your foes. There are two ranks of such tomeliths, with the larger ones (the big crystal-like icons on the Fields of Glory map) granting more points. Furthermore, each team has control over Allagan tomeliths close to their respective spawning points. These tomeliths store data that adds to the point pool of the team. It is possible to take over another team’s Allagan tomelith by standing inside its circled zone. Doing so will grant your team an extra amount of points and an increasing number based on the number of tomeliths you control. This last aspect of Shatter is relevant, but not as important as the icebound tomeliths. Taking over an Allagan tomelith controlled by enemies requires quick thinking and teamwork and should not be a priority over icebound tomeliths unless applicable.


Due to its forgiving learning curve and strategic approach, Fields of Glory is currently the most popular mode to progress in the Frontline achievement and collect Wolf Marks. A simple strategy that every player should know upon entering the Fields of Glory is that sticking with your alliance is not vital, but extremely important to take over icebound tomeliths. Once your team shatters such tomeliths, return to the base immediately. Engaging in combat with other teams is sometimes necessary, but can be dangerous. Chasing foes can leave your base vulnerable and/or lead you to certain death, thus awarding points to the faction who lands the killing blow.

Feast: The Feast is a mode introduced as FINAL FANTASY XIV’s seasonal ranked PvP. The ranked instances (under “Wolve’s Den [Rated]”) will put players in the seasonal ranking where they can receive special prizes should they manage to keep their ranks. The Feast saw controversy recently due to how rewards were distributed with the top tier receiving earrings while lower tiers received a new mount. However, for those who would like to practice and perhaps guarantee their GARO mount without interfering with the seasonal rankings, an unranked version is available for matched full parties.


Unlike Frontline, the Feast is far less strategic with its mechanics translating into pure PvP. The two parties are put against each other in a map considerably smaller than those found in Frontline and although there are specifics, the main objective is taking down other players. Each player starts the match with a total of 100 medals of which half will drop upon death. An icon will appear above their corpses denoting how many medals that player dropped, with a small coin sack representing 1 to 25 medals, a medium one 26 to 74 medals, and a treasure chest for 75 medals or more. The team holding either 1.200 medals (for 8-on-8 matches) or the bigger amount by the end of the match wins.

The Feast had all chat communications removed in patch 3.5. Players must now communicate through simple chat actions that can be set to the hotbar (they’re available in the PvP section of the “Actions & Traits” menu). For that reason, it’s extremely important to understand two things: if you’re a tank or a DPS, stay close to your healers. A kill may seem easy and you might be confident in your skills, but there’s no saying if others will join the conflict and possibly overwhelm you. Your death can’t be blamed on the healers should you stray too far from them while the rest of the group stays close. And as for healers, avoid using offensive skills unless strictly necessary. If your party is good enough, your enemies will focus mostly on tanks and DPS. But should you use any offensive skills to take advantage of enemy positioning, for example, the majority of them will target you, making things difficult for your team. As much as it can be nice to help with debuffs, it’s even better to hold on to your medals if you can.


When does it end?

Square Enix has not announced when the GARO collaboration will end. Some players speculate that the fact that the gear provided is not merely glamour, the method to acquire them will be permanent. Yet, the development team has to make an official announcement. In the meantime, don’t worry too much about schedules unless your subscription is about to expire.

Remember that this is a basic guide to help you get the mounts whilst performing to your best ability to help your team emerge victorious. If you wish to stick to PvP and become a more serious player in Frontline, Feast, and Fold, check detailed guides put together by advanced players such as those found on PvPaissa.

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