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Final Fantasy XIV Epic New Challenges: Patch 3.3 Previews


Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward Patch 3.3 brings players visions of the future with two previews of amazing content for us to feast our eyes upon. However, the content involves high-level gameplay, so there will be requirements when players are eventually given access.

Patch 3.3 reads the final chapter of the war and opens the doors to an ancient magical city.




The same applies for extreme mode The Minstrels Ballad: Nidhogg’s Rage except that the average item level requirement is level 220 or above.

Much is at stake in 3.3, placing the fate of the world on a gamble of might. Here comes the fight with Nidhogg that matters- the final showdown between the great wyrm and the Warrior of Light that will finally bring the war to a close.

Fans of Final Fantasy XIV are given the chance to see the preview of this upcoming battle, as well as be shown every step, challenge and triumph that had led up to the present events.





3.3 also sends players to Yafaem Saltmoor and through the doors of Mhach, an ancient city with danger around every corner and deeply rooted with magical and destructive energy since the passing of the Fifth Astral Era. Here the story of the Void Ark will be continued.

Players doing the raid should make sure they have first done the pre-requisite quest, “To Rule the Skies.”


Read more details about The Final Steps of Faith here and The Weeping City of Mhach here.

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