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Final Fantasy XIV Details Shirogane Housing and Relocation

The latest patch for Final Fantasy XIV is bringing players the opportunity to purchase an estate within Shirogane, a residential district. Patch 4.1 brings a new relocation feature too, which will allow players to move their private or free company estate to a different district.

Shirogane will work as the three residential districts of Eorzea do, being divided into 12 wards with their own individual subdivision. As for the estates in the Shirogane district, they will have a default Far-Eastern aesthetic. The new relocation feature meanwhile will let players move their state hall as well as any furnishings to a different plot, with the destination being able to be situated in any residential area regardless of its size.

The process for relocating to a new plot requires players to inspect the placard located at the entrance of the destination plot, and then clicking ‘Purchase Land.’ You won’t need to relinquish any ownership of your old plot before relocated either, should you choose not to.

There will limits in place for Storerooms, with indoor and outdoor furnishings being 400 items and 40 items respectively. These limits are based on the maximum amount of furnishings that you can have on a large plot, which has been put in place to make sure that players can relocate immediately once the patch has been released. It is worth noting however that complete relocation cannot be executed if the total number of items in your estate and storage exceeds the maximum amount.

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