Final Fantasy XI September Update Outlined

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Considering the fact that Final Fantasy XI was released way back in 2002, it doesn’t seem to be ready for retirement any time soon.


Developer team member Matsui has posted a list of what adventurers can expect to see in the next update on the Final Fantasy XI forum, with the changes set to take effect on Tuesday, September 6th. More adventures, monsters and rewards will be on hand for players, with the patch also containing quests that will bring new mounts and alter-egos.

The new foes will each come with different rewards as you do battle in Ambuscade, and following the updates in the August patch, new tickets have been created for you to obtain more desirable pieces of armour. A new master trial will also be available, featuring a familiar set of foes from a particularly difficult mission from the past.

A variety of other adjustments will bring text help to food and drink, changes to the synthesis system and quality-of-life alterations. Its worth noting that all changes are currently subject to ongoing testing by the development team, so any issues with the updates mentioned may cause a delay to its arrival, or may be moved to release in a later patch.

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