Final Fantasy
Fan Art made by Andrew Ryan

Fans of Square Enix’s Final Fantasy franchise might want to celebrate the 30th anniversary in style. The option to do so is readily available, as Square Enix is releasing special limited edition plushes to mark the occasion.

Whether you want a Moogle with a celebratory cake, or a Chocobo armored up for battle, these creative plushes will have you celebrating the critically acclaimed RPG franchise in worlds real and fake alike.

These popular RPGs have shaped and defined the genre in a way that no other series has been able to achieve. Between confident and varying style shifts between separate games of the series, numerous fantastic spin-offs incorporating elements of some of Japan’s most popular gaming genres, and arguably the greatest scores in the history of gaming, Final Fantasy is without a doubt the quintessential RPG.



The first title launched for the NES, bringing a massive world to the console in a way that even Zelda had yet to do before. Turn-based combat, random encounters, and much more in some of their earliest forms took shape on the console. The popularity of this franchise early on led to the creation of some other fantastic RPG franchises such as Kingdom Hearts, Dragon Quest, and has even inspired some of the later greats like Golden Sun.

What has thus far concluded the series is Final Fantasy XVwhich has no doubt created one of the most expansive followings that the series has ever had through its stellar visuals, exceptional characterization and immersive gameplay.

No doubt we’ll have many more years of Final Fantasy to come, but if you’d like to pre-order these plushies, I’d recommend doing so soon.


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