Final E3 Retrospective/Coverage Schedule

Mustapha R. Price
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The time has at last come! After weeks of excitement we’ve finally arrived at the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) and things are going to be huge! Here on MMOExaminer as previously stated, my E3 Coverage Stream which will have a partnership with my personal site Mustapha’s Game Room. We want to bring personality, excitement, news, speculation, and much more to an already exciting week!Coverage Logo

Come back here tomorrow at 3:45 EST to see the stream embedded into the home page of this very site, and witness the EA as they progress into new territories.

After that we’re going to do a little bit of post-commentary, then take a break until 9:45pm EST when we will be covering the Bethesda conference. As stated in my predictions we might see a new Elder Scrolls game announced. There have been rumors of a Skyrim remaster, which I personally don’t think is the greatest idea. Elder Scrolls Online refined a lot of the mechanical issues found in Skyrim, and I think the better option would be to delve into new territories and create a new game altogether. We’ll probably also get more on Elder Scrolls Legends which is clearly NOT Hearthstone.

Bethesda and EA in one day? And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. So make sure to come back tomorrow for some exciting coverage.

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