Final Beta for Albion Online now live

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German developers Sandbox Interactive have released the final beta for MMORPG Albion Online, allowing players to access brand new areas and explore the latest features.


This will be the last phase of testing before the game’s launch, beginning on August 1st through to the 3rd for the 16,000 founders already playing. Legendary founders can experience the beta from the 1st, followed by Epic founders on the 2nd and finally Veteran founders will have access from August 3rd. The gradual release gives players a smoother start to the game, with servers being wiped clean ready for a whole new world to be discovered.

Founders will explore the new world of the Royal Continents and Outlands, with powerful weaponry and armour sets. These added artifacts introduce a new competitive element to the game, whilst Sandbox have also introduced a Guild vs Guild battle system, restructuring the game’s Destiny Board for an overall shift in the Guild gameplay. The newly introduced Reputation and Crime system separates honest and dirty gamers, encouraging players to choose make decisions wisely as their actions throughout will affect their character. Those wanting to enjoy these features who don’t have founders status can purchase it from the online shop for immediate beta access.


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