FFXIV Dev Blog: Shocking Pop Culture Celebration

Mustapha R. Price
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Another day, another exciting celebration of our rich nerd culture! The official dev blog for Final Fantasy XIV has shown footage of the team in Fukuoka, Japan for the Kita Kyushu Pop Culture Festival 2016.

The FFXIV booth drew in quite the crowd, with people from all over coming together to view artwork, compete with each other, and just overall celebrate the beauty of the gaming community.

ffxivNew players were given the opportunity to come up to the booth, create a character, and challenge the story version of Ifrit. This gave players the opportunity to experience the game and see if it was something they were good at. Even though some players were brand new to FFXIV theycosplay were still able to walk away victorious.

Quite a few turned out in unique cosplay. There were also special  exclusive shirts given to those who would defeat a random primal in the special challenge. These shirts read “I Beat Ramuh” and celebrated some spectacular gaming success.

The FFXIV team was really happy to celebrate their game, along with other games throughout Japan at this very successful event.

“The team is looking forward to the next opportunity to mingle with our awesome Warriors of Light!” -FFXIV Team

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