Before a game truly launches, the team behind the title is often charged with testing the game rigorously to ensure quality, and make sure that when it does launch, everything is as close to good as possible. This goes especially for MMORPGs, which have a large list of items and situations that need to be tested. Yet, for ArcheAge, despite being in their “3.0” version, there’s been a lot of problems recently.

In fact, the problems were apparently so bad that they developed a new “fresh start” server for players to be on. One of which was the European server Prophecy. Though fans knew it wouldn’t be perfect, they trusted the team behind ArcheAge, Trion Worlds, to at least have a more playable experience. This isn’t the case though, as after about two months since the “Fresh Start” server release, it’s about the same in terms of quality, and by that I mean bad quality. If anything, it’s actually a little worse, with no signs of improvement.

Fans are trying to be patient with the promised improvements, but patience is running out. One longtime gamer on their forums posted this:

“It’s been 51 days and aside from not queuing anymore we’re no further forwards with having a smooth experience in which to play on and if any guild fights another guild anywhere in the world with normal raid sized numbers, the entire server slows down with input delay and various other forms of lag.”

They even offered references via Youtube videos to show off what is happening in game. You can check out one of them above.

Other players on the forum are behind this notion that Trion Worlds needs to do something, and do it quick. Other servers aside from Prophecy are having issues as well, and things don’t seem to be getting better, if they don’t want to lose their entire playerbase, ArcheAge needs to be fixed, and fast.


  1. Best article I have found to honestly express the situation with Archeage. Especially in light of “Golden Gate” server crash yesterday, I think it’s clear Trion is in desperate cash grab mode. They rolled out un-limited pay to win superior red regrades with unlimited no-breaks on celestial gear onto the “fresh start” servers… Amazing they spit on their players this way. I was recently in-game and watching dozens of players quitting because Trion has totally taken advantage of the fresh start player base. To add insult to injury, while the servers are down they announced a new wave of “fresh start” servers only 6 months after the last set. Unbelievable this company.


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