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Fans Debate Quality Of Fire Emblem Fates And Echoes

The Fire Emblem franchise has never been more on fire. After some trouble a few years back, Fire Emblem Awakening brought it back from the grave. The 3DS title showed the world why it was a good franchise. Then, Fire Emblem Fates came out and boosted the popularity even more. So much so that the series had six characters in Super Smash Bros., and got a mobile game in Fire Emblem Heroes that became a hit itself. Then, Nintendo looked to the past of Fire Emblem and remade the second title Gaiden into Shadows of Valentia.

All of this leads to Fire Emblem being a true AAA franchise in the Nintendo library of titles. But that doesn’t mean that everyone likes them. In fact, Awakening and Fates are kind of notorious in some ways. This has led some , like mrcookymonsta, who haven’t played them to wonder if they should.

“I’ve yet to play Fates or Echoes yet and from what I’ve seen it seems like they’re sticking to the winning formula. Is it worth picking up both titles or just one?”

The answers to this question is as varied as the person who answered them. Critically, both Fates and Echoes: Shadows of Valentia were well received. While Fates expanded upon what made Awakening great, Echoes brought forth an incredibly deep story and added some interesting mechanics that could resonate throughout the series.

But in the eyes of some fans, Fates was nothing more than a money grab, because it was the first title in the series to be split into three parts, thus making it so people had to buy it three different times, or get a bundle. And some didn’t like how Echoes was presented in terms of gameplay and style.

Some loved Fates more than Echoes. Some loved Echoes more than Fates, and some loved all of them, while some hated them all. The ultimate decision of whether a game is good or not is up to you and you alone.

Written by GlyphMasterson

I am a writer, reader, dreamer, and believer that games and cartoons and comics aren’t a bad way to live. I am passionate about what I love, but do respect the opinions of others when they conflict with my own.

But if you don’t like Nintendo, you’re going down! lol

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