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Fallout Shelter Has Over 100 Million Users

Fallout Shelter is one of those mobile games that eventually came to PC, and the fans actually loved the game, as it has Very Positive player reviews both recently and overall on its Steam page. But, even though it’s good, does it have a large player base? Well, obviously it does as there’s a special event starting from tomorrow that celebrates the fact that the game has over 100 million users. That’s right, Fallout Shelter just hit 100 million users and it will be giving away items starting from tomorrow, September 15th, to anyone that logs in.

Fallout Shelter

As most of you know, this game was launched before Fallout 4 was released in order to build hype for the game, but even on its own the game was quite fun, and it regularly got updates which increased the amount of content it had by quite a lot, and now it is quite a popular survival/idle type of game both on mobile platforms and on the PC.

Fallout Shelter puts you in charge of a Vault, a term that Fallout fans will be very familiar with. If you don’t know what a Vault is, it’s basically an underground facility where you hide from nuclear explosions. You also live in these Vaults, and since you’re operating one of those, it’s your job to make sure that the residents (called the Dwellers) stay healthy and prepared to fight any danger that comes from the irradiated wasteland. Of course, players have to make their Dwellers happy, find a suitable job for them, and help them improve.

Fallout Shelter

But, of course, you won’t just keep your Dwellers in the Vault for their entire life, you can also send them to look for armor and weapons out in the Wasteland, just make sure they’re ready for all the dangers that they could find out there, otherwise they might find their untimely demise instead of a cool gun.
It’s nice to see that the game has over 100 million users, and we hope that number just keeps increasing!

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