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Faction War Game: Lost Technology Coming Soon on Steam

The strategy and battle sim genres have seen many great giants in the game since its inception. We had Age of Empires, Civilization, Command and Conquer, Battle Realms- we had Dynasty Warriors. Unfortunately, they seemed to have done so well that remakes and sequels have not yet been in order- people are still playing the originals.

The genre hasn’t died and the gamers are waiting.

Lost Technology

Lost Technology is a “3-phase” choice-driven war simulation game that pits a pool of 100 characters from 12 factions against each other in a bid for power, territory, and honor.

The first phase is the turn-based war strategy phase where you are essentially the chess player in the Age of Empires: The Age of Kings opening scene. Plan your alliances, identify your threats and keep everything under control- learn the art of diplomacy and gaining and keeping an advantage.

The second phase is the real-time battle where you charge into the line of fire with your troops, storm battlements and siege the walls of your enemy. You need to make decisions on the field.

The third phase harbors the story, what made the Romance of the Three Kingdoms romantic. The characters and factions are living entities in the game with their own past while their present and future will be decided by the actions you take, the choices you make and the consequences thereafter.

Lost Technology

More than the action-packed battle sequences of Dynasty Warriors, we fondly remember with burning hatred LuBu and his horse, Kenji and his hat and all of Joan of Arc’s friends’ accents.

Beyond the efficiency of your strategy and your battle prowess, the consequences and moral impact of these characters add weight to every diplomatic decision that you make.

Lost Technology is a solid faction war game wrapped up in colorful and smooth graphics, an entertaining strategy system and a battle sequence that kills monotony. The game is coming soon on Steam and the devs will be testing the Japanese market before proceeding with localization. Read more about the game on its official Steam news posting.

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