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Exploration Game Sole Launches On Kickstarter

What if the whole world was covered in darkness? What if there was nothing but a tiny light that could be used to see it all? Well, that is the concept behind a new Kickstarter project called Sole. This adventure and exploration game let’s you play as a living ball of light, trying to figure out what the world around you is. Along the way, you’ll find out more and more about the world you are on, who lived there, what happened to them, and possibly even a way to restore them.

Sole is a testament to how video games can break stereotypes. This title was inspired by classic titles like Proteus, the Unfinished Swan, and Flower. Those were games that dared to show how much video games belong in the category of art, and this title is no different. The world all around you is truly dark, and you must light your own path to figuring out how to bring life back unto this world.

The light you have is powerful, and can even leave a trail as you travel along the world. Plus, you can affect things like plants and trees, seeing them spring to life as you bathe them in your light. The more light you bring to the world, the more you’ll be able to expand what you can do, and where you can go.

More than anything though, Sole is a game that is representative of an artist’s journey through the world. The team is comprised of many artists, and they wanted to show how they felt when they first tried to be artists. Being thrown into an unknown world, having to light their own way, make their own path, and then slowly but surely seeing the world unfold before them.

The title is seeking $15,000, and has until September 3rd to get it. If you want to help light their way to a funding goal, pledge now.

Written by GlyphMasterson

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