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There are a plenty of Korean MMORPGs coming to the West in 2017, but fans of the genre are excited only for a handful. Right now we can smell Revelation Online‘s sweet perfume as it stands on our doorstep, fixing its beautiful dress whilst holding a plate filled with delicious content. Although not as close to the party, Aeria Games is making sure Bless Online is presentable and will be interesting at the dinner table.

With beautiful designs, a variety of races and classes, in-depth character creation, a seamless open world, and enough content to keep players entertained for a long period of time, Bless Online is one of the most promising titles coming to the West this year. To help keep possible players informed, we had a chat with Aeria Games where they shared their publishing plans for the game.

MMOExaminer (MMOE): First, tell us a bit about Aeria Games.

Aeria Games (AG): We are a leading publisher of multiplayer online games in the free-to-play market. Based in Berlin and with a broad spectrum of development partners, we develop and publish high-quality PC, mobile, and browser-based games worldwide. Since July 2016, we are part of the Gamigo group. The strategic merger opened up lots of potential for synergy-effects in all our business segments.

MMOE: Is Aeria still working on Bless Online?

AG: Yes, we are very excited to work on the Bless project. We have been in close contact with the developers for a long time already. We know that the game is highly anticipated – and we want it to meet the high expectations of players.

Bless Online
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MMOE: How close will the Western version be to the Korean version in regards to updates?

AG: Bless was designed right from the start with the intent to please Western players. Therefore, the content found in the Western version will be very close to that of the Korean version. However, the Korean version will be the first to receive updates, a common practice for games developed in Asia.

MMOE: Will the classes currently available in the Korean version be available right away in the Western version?

AG: The content of the Western version will be even more advanced than what you can see in the current Korean version! Neowiz is currently developing a lot of fun stuff for both of our versions.

MMOE: Are there plans to provide content exclusive to the Western version – e.g. cultural cosmetics and events based on local holidays?

AG: Yes, we are working on this sort of requests, too. We are totally aware that this kind of content – e.g. the “Oktoberfest” – is highly appreciated in the west. It has already proven itself in previous games launched by Aeria Games.

MMOE: Will there be any changes to PvP?

AG: At the moment, the PvP content is already fun and was appreciated by the testers. The actual experience of players during PvP would be something we’d really like to work on, though: from performance optimization to a revamp of the combat system, those changes are subtle but will enhance gameplay as a whole.

MMOE: How do you plan on keeping players interested in-between updates?

AG: There will be so much content with challenging dungeons, in-depth storylines, quests etc.… Additionally, we want PvP to have a high place in the daily activities of players. But we understand that some users would like to experience more. Therefore, we will run lots of events such as social media and in-game events. We also noticed that visual contact via video or streaming is highly appreciated by players – so this is something we are planning to do as well!

Bless Online

MMOE: The Korean and Russian versions of Bless Online are voice acted. Are there plans to implement voice acting in English and other prominent languages such as Spanish, French, and German?

AG: Yes, this is our current plan.

MMOE: With Bless being a free-to-play MMORPG, what are the monetization plans to support it?

AG: We want the game to be easily accessible to everyone. That is why the monetization items would be mainly pure convenience or vanity items.

MMOE: Is there an estimate for the first beta test?

AG: We are still talking to the developers because some of the features relate to the engine or core of the game. Hence, we need you guys to bear with us and be patient. We want to release a quality game and to do so, we need your support.

MMOE: Is there anything else you’d like to share with our readers?

AG: We are very excited to work on this project and want to release the best game tailored towards the needs of the players. We are amazed by the existing community and you guys will be a pillar to make this game a success.

The first beta test for Bless Online is expected for sometime in 2017. We will keep readers updated on the state of the game, so make sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more Bless Online. Furthermore, let us know in the comments if you’re excited about Bless and tell us what you’re expecting from it!


  1. so basically they aid nothing different to what they said months ago

    nothing new, no time frame, just the usual “we are working on it”

  2. “..what are the monetization plans to support it?

    AG: We want the game to be easily accessible to everyone. That is why the monetization items would be mainly pure convenience or vanity items.”

    What a pile of horse shit… every fucking publisher out there say the same fucking things pre-launch & then do a 180 decree turn & start fill their cash shop little by little with things that are way more than mere convenience items, actually that word made me to wanna rip some heads off, the only convenient thing here is that word that they use to mask every p2w shit they are gonna put in the cash shop to dry the pockets of every whale out there, w8 & see that game is going to be an ArcheAge/Black Desert all over again, mark my words.

  3. Man, they have to get cash someway. It isn’t cheap to make a game. But, they should allow guys that don’t spend money in games like me to achieve what premium gamers can achieve. If they do that it’s ok by me.
    I think they should invest in PvP as well. Rewarding people with items and XP for pvping a lot. We have to many PvE focused MMOs. We need more PvP and rewards for it.

  4. Been following this game for awhile, looking forward to it. I hope they keep it F2P for cosmetic or convenience. Just the beauty of the game is what I look forward to..that and the open world, interesting classes and PVE.

  5. That moment when Aeria games drops Bless Online and now the game has no EU/NA publisher. Even RU has stopped its beta due to tech issues the devs arent fixing.


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