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EVE Online Update 119.1 To Release Next Week

More and more developers are looking to start off the new year with a bang by getting new content and updates ready for their games. Another game that’s getting this treatment is EVE Online, which is set for a big boost next week via update 119.1.

This update will arrive on January 10th and will feature lots of new content. For example, the release will bring a wide array of new SKINs for SoCT and Mordu’s Legion Command hulls. Furthermore, you can expect improvements and fixes to the Fitting Simulation window. Also, though, there’s also a new theme tune for 119.1, titled “The Ones We Left Behind”. You can actually listen to the full track via SoundCloud.

EVE Online

As for the bug fixes to the Simulation Window, these include various fixes for drone and rig calculations, as well as several visual fixes. Not only that, you’ll have the ability for pilots to import corporate fittings if they have the correct corporate roles. So there are more customization options there.

The skins will be available January 17th, so they won’t be ready immediately, but once you have them, you’ll be fly.

There’s also gameplay fixes as well. Such as Standup Void Guided Bombs are now effected by Energy Warfare Resistance. Then, Super Weapons & Burst Projectors now respect Energy Warfare Resistance, which they didn’t before. Finally, Module repair progress is now saved properly when jumping through a gate while a module is still repairing. No doubt that’ll bring ease to many players minds.

You can check out the full breakdown via the Patch Notes

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