EVE Online

EVE Online has been showing off a lot recently. It unveiled the winners of its election to bring players to the development fold to work with the dev team to improve the game. And now, they’ve not only announced the release date of their next update/patch, but they’ve given the full Patch Notes for it as well. They detail new changes and additions to the game, as well as fixes and updates that’ll make the game even better.

First up, the general fixes and adjustments. The advanced audio menu for the game has been simplified. The team hopes that the new conversion is a more streamlined experience. As for Contracts, the duration of which you can complete them has been given a boost to four weeks, so hopefully, this’ll give you a bit more freedom on when to do them.

The drones and fighters in EVE Online has been given a change too. For example, the active fighter abilities can now be turned off by clicking on their icon. Also though, if your drone/ship is in a group, the health bar will change colors depending on how much health it has left.

The game has also had its graphics improved in several ways. For example, the suns in the game have been redesigned so that the light they emit is not only more natural, but more beautiful. The team truly believes that you’ll be amazed by the breathtaking visual of these suns and how they make the planets around them truly shine. No pun intended.

But that’s not all, the long awaited arrival of the Blood Raider Shipyard mission will be over when the patch launches. This content allows you to take on the Blood Raiders in a new way, and not only deal a blow to them, but get ships in the process.

This is just scratching the surface of what update 119.5 will do for EVE Online, check out the full notes to see all that’s coming.


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