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EVE Online Hosts A SKIN Contest

Super Kerr-Induced Nanocoatings, or SKINs for short, refers to all the customization of ships in EVE Online. The community can now look forward to a SKIN contest in the coming months.

Through these months, the EVE Online team is going to select the two best looking SKINs from two different Steam users that they found each week. These two custom SKINs will be highlighted over at the official website. Each week is the start of a new rotation for the contest, which means that if you missed the previous one that there’s always next week.

EVE Online

For this week’s winner, the team decided to pick the “Matigu Seabeast” for the Blackbird which is a cruiser class available to the Caldari Pilots that have trained in Caldari Cruiser I. This lightweight ship is designed specifically for standoff ranges. although the ship isn’t really capable of solid head on slugfests. The Blackbird is able to disarm enemy vessels’ weapon systems during combat because of the ship’s characterization. The skin is now available to purchase in the in-game Eden Store for the low price of 55 PLEX.

If you think of yourself as a creative person, be sure to submit your own customization of a SKIN in order to be highlighted by the EVE Online team themselves. Be sure to check out all the customization options that are available in the New Eden Store, simply by hitting ALT+4 in the game client. For more about the contest, visit the official announcement over on Steam.

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