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EVE Online continues to expand its ever growing universe by adding new and fresh worlds, ships, and events that’ll allow players to enjoy the MMORPG in numerous ways. Now, the team is revealing a new PvE feature that actually expands on what was implemented in the Ascension update. It’s called the Blood Raider Shipyards, and though they’re still in testing, they’ll be a true test for players to find and destroy.

Lest you think you need a reason to destroy these shipyards (as if the “Blood Raider” name wasn’t reason enough), they’re actually a key part of this NPC expansion, and worst of all, they’re hidden from sight in many ways. In fact, they’ll both look and act like regular player structures, which is part of the “charm,” because you wouldn’t expect that they’re run by Blood Raiders. To add to the illusion, the only way to find these bases are if you are a Blood Raider Hauler going on a mining operation. This is because there will be a lot of Blood Raider mining operations going on in the systems around these structures.

EVE Online

Now although the structure itself is vulnerable, that doesn’t mean it’s an easy target. It does have shields, and worst of all, there will be a fleet of Raider ships protecting it. Not only will they fire at any hostile threats, they’ll also re-position themselves if necessary to ensure that enemy ships are always in firing range.

Adding to the threat, the Blood Raiders have expanded the capabilities of their fleet with new ships. These include the Chemosh – Dreadnought Class, the Dagon – Force Auxiliary Class, and the Molok – Titan Class.

At present, there is only one Blood Raider Shipyard structure, but more are coming soon. So be on the lookout for that. And as always, be mindful of what’s out there in the stars of EVE Online.


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