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EVE Online Declares “Ghost Training” An Exploit

Cheats in video games are nothing new, they’ve been there since the dawn of video games in many ways. The trick though is that some cheats are welcomed by developers, as they were the ones who put the cheats in the game. But then, gamers themselves started to put their own cheat codes into the game, and have caused a lot of problems for others because of it. This goes especially for the online gaming world, and MMORPG titles like EVE Online, where players try to cheat the system in order to get a leg up.

But sometimes, it’s not as simple as finding out about a cheat code, it’s an exploitation of the rules or the games settings that leads to problems. For EVE Online, this became apparent when it seemed like users were using their account status to get more experience in the game. While this wasn’t a cheat per se, because it wasn’t specifically stated to be wrong, it did require a look by the development team.

EVE Online

Well, the EVE Online staff worked together with the player community leaders, known as the Council of Stellar Management, and they have officially ruled that this “Ghost Training” is officially an exploit, and further use of this will be justification for punishment.

“Ghost Training” is when someone uses their alpha account status to get more experience for themselves than they would’ve gotten in regular gameplay. Or, using it to train Omega Skills. This is no longer tolerated in EVE Online, so be warned.

Interestingly enough, this issue was reported by players of the game who seemed to keep finding players who did just that. The team listened to their comments, and thus action was taken. Just goes to show that if you see a problem in a game, you should report it to the developers.

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  1. yea but as far as I know you can still pay an alpha character for one month and train recon ships. get in the recon that is non cloaky and once your sub expires you will still be able to fly it and be immune to d scan, as long as you do not dock or die. In this manner many players have nearly free alts that they can use to watch and scout wormholes and its just as good as a cloaky omega as long as nobody sees you at a celestial. and if you do start to get probed warp to another safe spot and log out.

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