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Eternal Hour Enters Final Hours On Kickstarter

The final hours of a Kickstarter project can help determine whether a project is successful, very successful, or highly successful. For some projects on Kickstarter, they’ve already gotten past their goal, so the final few hours is just a question of how much people will invest before time runs out. For the visual novel game Eternal Hour, they’re in their literal final hours. But that’s OK, because they’re basically four times over their funding goal, meaning that for the next few hours, they can just see if they get a few more pledges.

So, what makes Eternal Hour so special that people have invested nearly $28,000 in it? Well, it’s a very relatable story in some aspects. For example, the main character is a boy named Yasu, who is as average as average can be. But as he lives through his high school life, he realizes that he hasn’t done much with his life so far. Desperate for achievements, he does a class tradition, and succeeds! But soon after, he makes a realization that causes him to unlock a power: Time manipulation.

Now, this isn’t just “snap your fingers and time rewinds” kind of thing. There is a cost, and this cost will lead to one of 24 different endings that are determined by not only how you use your powers, but the choices you make in this visual novel story. And not all of them are simple endings, as one is apparently you going overboard, freezing time, and making an “art gallery” of the people you have frozen. Not cool.

Eternal Hour not only has a very nice art style, but it’ll have animations, voice-acting, and much more. So, if you’re interested in a deep story will multiple endings, check out the Kickstarter and pledge to it before it ends.

Written by GlyphMasterson

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