Eternal Crusade’s Launch Date Announced!

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The Warhammer universe is getting more and more video game adaptations these days, and Eternal Crusade was going to be the MMORPG of the bloody and violent universe, but it got changed. Now, the game defines itself as an “Online multiplayer 3rd person squad-based tactical shooter with tanks in a persistent war.” Not quite an MMORPG, but it will do.


For all of us eagerly awaiting the launch date, well, we have good news! Behaviour Interactive announced that the game will launch in America for PCs on September 23, 2016. So we have to wait a month or so, and the console version will follow, although the date is not yet determined. Pausing the development of the console versions was definitely a difficult decision, but, if that means that the console version will be optimized better and provide a better experience for the users, it was the right choice.


Meanwhile, Behaviour Interactive is putting a stop to all Eternal Crusade game updates. This will only last while the game is being updated to the latest Unreal Engine, so after that, the game updates will continue to arrive as per usual. All in all, Warhammer fans will have something to keep them busy, we just need to wait a bit more!


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