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Esports are real sports – It’s Time for the Video Games Olympics

Athletes definitely think that eSports are not real sports. It’s true, they don’t require the same amount of physical strength and effort, but they do require everything else a real sport does: dedication, seriousness, and discipline. Playing eSports can be just as serious for some people as playing real life sports for others. As a matter of fact, some people are greater at eSports than others at real sports. They even participate in competitions, tournaments, and if there were an Olympics for video games, they would probably win that too.

To be honest, the majority of children nowadays are better at eSports than at real- life sports. Even though this isn’t necessarily a good thing for their physical health, it does for their minds exactly what real- life sorts would. It allows them to relax, think only of the sport they are playing and focus on it so they take it to perfection. Playing eSports is not as easy as one might think. It needs a lot of concentration, exercise, and sometimes practice takes up just as much time as it would in the case of football, basketball, baseball or who knows which other real- life sports. As a matter of fact, these sports can be even harder to play than in real life as players don’t get to use their natural physical advantages.

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Thankfully, eSports can become the perfect escape for those who would like to become professional athletes but for one reason or another they can’t. Everyone can play sport- related video games, even if their physical capabilities would not be enough for real- life sports or they just can’t afford to pay for practices and equipment. For eSports they only need a computer and an internet connection. The majority of people have these. Online, you can find all sorts of games, including the ones related to football, baseball, basketball, even table tennis or field tennis. Of course, you can also find the best sport betting games when you only feel like watching, not playing.

Saying that eSports have not come to be real sports by now is a major lie. Even though they may not have the physical effects on the body the real- life sports do, they do form the mind exactly like the sports we played when we were little. They do affect how the player thinks, they help him be more strategic, attentive, focused, and can even affect how children or even adults relate to their team mates. Aside from the physical part, eSports offer people exactly what any other sports do. Someone should really consider organizing an Olympics for video games.

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