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Escape From Tarkov Introduces The Hideout

Escape From Tarkov is a very unique kind of game. It’s an RPG and a shooter, but it also has loads of MMO elements. Yet it has a story that demands your attention, as it’s key to your survival. Set in the ficitional nation of Tarkov, war and in-fighting have cause a mass exodus of the population, and now, gangs are coming together to “divide up” what’s left of the city. But when things get to rough, you decide to leave, which is easier said than done. You need to get out, and it’s up to you to find the way out.

The main goal of the game is just that, to Escape From Tarkov, however, it won’t be easy. Gangs are everywhere, the UN and Russian armies have lined the borders to try and keep all the people locked in. It’s not a good situation. So, to counter this, you need a place to calm down, try and create a plan, and store things you find. Welcome to The Hideout.

The Hideout is a vital part of the game. You’ll use it to not only stay alive, and get some time to yourself, but it’ll be able to help you as a character grow by giving you bonuses and eventually helping you learn new skills.

However, like any good hideout, it’s going to need upkeep, and that comes from you. You’ll need to not only install and maintain a generator, you’ll need to try and improve the hideout so it has heat, lighting, water, the ability to help heal your wounds, and so on. There are going to be different options of Hideout, as well as numerous ways to improve it. If you’re smart, you’ll make the best of your Hideout, as it may just save your life.

Escape From Tarkov is working towards a beta now.

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