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Endless Space 2 Stories Comic Series Available Now

In the world of video games, especially ones that have worlds that are large and full of life, there is a struggle to flesh them all out. After all, most games have you focusing on certain things in those worlds, or galaxies, and/or universes. The struggle though can lead to interesting avenues of exploring and expanding the universe they have created. In the case of Endless Space 2, fans wanted to know more about the factions, and so, they created Endless Space 2 Stories, a digital comic series.

The series of comics delve even deeper into some of the factions of the game: Lumeris, the United Empire, Horatio and the Riftborn and they are completely free to read. No, seriously, they are, and they’ll help flesh out some of the characters and alliances that make Endless Space 2 what it is. They’re tales of “stories of betrayal, assassination and alien encounters” that’ll give you more of what you wanted, and maybe even a little of what you didn’t know you wanted.

One tale that was detailed in the press release was ‘Horatio: The Perfect Plan’, which focuses on Gork, Sara and Max as they try and escape a hulking prison while being attacked and on its way to a planet they really don’t want to be on. The best part though, is that these stories are written by the team who made the game itself. So they’re created through the eyes of those who helped make the game in the first place, making each of them both special, and worthy of being in the universe. Oh, and more stories are coming too, that was announced as well.

If you’re looking to play the game before reading the comics, it’s available now on Steam, and is very beloved by the community. If you like turn-based strategy games, you’d probably like it.


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