Elsword Update Arrives: Skill Balancing and New PvP Mode

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The fast growing action packed MMORPG Elsword introduced us to a variety of changes in their last patch. One of the most notable updates is regarding PvP, so we will start with that one.

The players have been given two new things to be happy about when engaging in PvP. The first addition is PvP mode in the town called Winners Match Mode. The new mode is similar to the 3v3 fights we had the chance to participate in, but the major change is that this time it will only last 1.260 seconds and will queue teams against each other, beginning with the lowest ranking players and going up towards the highest. Depending on the place where these matches happen the winner will be chosen differently, for instance if you are fighting in the Arena, all players MUST take 2 turns, but in Sparring events match will end automatically when players kill their objectives. NG57_n-lightbox-3
The second is the 1v1 match, and it’s what it sounds like. Players are given the option to invite other players into matches against each other instead of waiting for a random matchmaking. For more detailed information check here.


Some other notable changes are the overall champion tweak, we were able to get our hands on the list of changes which you can check out here since there are so many of them.

What do you think about these changes? Let us know in the comment section.

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