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Elsword Introduces the Magic Wardrobe

The content a game brings to the table is a way for fans to view what the developer’s priorities are, as well as how much they listen to fans. For the team at Elsword, they’ve decided to double dip in a new content update, and bring forth some of the most fan-requested items of all time.

In a recent press release, the team revealed and detailed several things, one of the biggest of which was the launch of a “Magic Wardrobe” feature that fans have been asking for. What’s it about? Well, in MMORPGs like Elsword, you often have to sacrifice style in regards to your wardrobe in order to get the best stats. And while that’s OK in some aspects, since players want to advance in the game and having the right stats does that, you kind of want to look cool doing it.


The problem is that often the best looking outfits don’t have the best stats. So, they’re changing that in the Magic Wardrobe by allowing players to customize their looks without having to sacrifice the better stats. This way, they look the way they want, plus, once they’ve set their outfit, they can get rid of items associated with it so that they can open up more slots in their inventory.

Adding to the fun of the update is a brand new revamping of the PvP mode on Ereda Island. Now, player stats will be normalized, and the teams have to fight not only other each other but a vast map filled with bad guys in order to destroy the enemy crystal in the other team’s base.

So as you can see, Elsword is working hard to please fans while also improving the game itself. Both the Magic Wardrobe and updated PvP are available now.

Written by GlyphMasterson

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