For MMORPGs, the history of the world is a key part of the game itself. After all, the more we know and understand about the world, the more we can appreciate when things happen, and fear for when things are about to change in them. For the anime MMORPG Elsword, they’ve been hosting a special journey to show the events that led up to the game itself. Dubbed the “Hall of El,” this prologue has been quite the journey. And now, via a new chapter, it’s about to end.

This third chapter will be a true conclusion to the prologue tale, but it’ll also deliver “a truth that transcends anything the gang could have possibly imagined.” The chapter has even gotten a very special trailer to tease what it will show.

The story itself focuses on the events that will transpire due to the Elsword merging with the El. Now that this has happened, El wants to live in its full form, without restraints or wounds. But to do that, the party that found them must make a choice that would negate the sacrifice of a friend if wrongly made. Will they walk away and simply let events unfold? Or will they break El, take the sword back, and find out first hand what’s made everyone so afraid? This final chapter promises to send shockwaves throughout the game.

Along with the story, there’s going to be loads of new content to explore, including the homeland of El itself, Elrianode, which has not been seen since the Great Explosion. New battles and decisions await in Elsword, are you ready to fight for the freedom of the world? Or will you turn your back?


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