Elite Dangerous – Horizons Comes to Xbox One

Dean Moses
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Elite Dangerous: Horizons, the DLC for Frontier Developments’ space exploration simulator, is arriving on Xbox One June 3.

This new iteration will include all previous DLC packs: Planetary Landings, The Engineers, and, as the studio makes them available, the new Horizons features.

Planetary Landings (much like the name implies) allows players to visit planet surfaces with the use of a land vehicle, which can also engage in battles. The Engineers, (additionally available on June 3) affords players the ability to create modules for their spaceships and enhanced weapon effects through the use of a new crafting mechanic.

PC gamers can rejoice because they will be getting The Engineers pack on May 26, but it won’t be coming alone. Similarly, there will be a huge free update on May 26 that will include many new gameplay additions and a new mission system. Furthermore, Frontier Developments has promised that both PC and Xbox One will get more updates simultaneously in the future, including but not limited to: avatar customization and a multi crew feature, which will allow several friends to undertake different roles within the same ship.

The price of Elite Dangerous: Horizons has also been made available. The press release had this to say: “Elite Dangerous: Horizons for Xbox One will soon be available as an upgrade to Elite Dangerous for £19.99 ($29.99, €24.99, 1,489 RUB), and packaged with Elite Dangerous as part of the Xbox One Commander Deluxe edition for £39.99 ($59.99, €49.99, 2,999 RUB).”

Space just got a whole lot bigger.

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