The drop rates of items in MMORPGs are always a topic of discussion, and for the Elder Scrolls Online it’s no different. The higher the chance an item can be dropped, the more it can affect gameplay for better or for worse. Sometimes, players get numerous items that they don’t want, while they have to work hard to get other items that they truly want or need for various reasons. But most times, it is up to the developer to decide what drops and at what rate.

One ESO player can’t help but ask what should get a bigger increase in their drop rate. Player Ch4mpTW posted this question on the Elder Scrolls Online, with a list of items that could get a potential drop rate increase. Such items he selected in the poll were Gold Upgrades, Perfect Roe, Motifs, Furniture plans, and of course the option for something he missed.

Elder Scrolls Online

Various players weighed in on the poll and made their feelings known about what should and shouldn’t be increased in regards to drop rates. Many even said that none of the items selected should get their rates increased. However, others did though make a selection, even if it wasn’t on the board.

“Nirnroot is missing from the poll. That has been my bottleneck lately,” said TaleOf2Cities.

Others suggested one from the poll:

“I voted for master writs, mainly because they mostly sell cosmetic fluff. The crafting stations are ok. Attunables are nice if you can get 1,” noted Alexkdd99.

What do you think? Is there an item in Elder Scrolls Online that should have a higher drop rate? If so, let us know your thoughts and suggestions in the comments below.


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