The Elder Scrolls Online’s newest contest is here, and it will make players get creative when it comes to decorating their homes so they can look cool as possible, while also abiding by the rules. If you have impressive interior design skills, this is your time to shine, as the four winners and the four runners-up will get some pretty cool rewards for their efforts, so make sure you participate since you never know if your home might just impress the jury.

Elder Scrolls Online

Creativity is always welcome, so think of something great until March 31st 11:59 PM EST, which is when this contest ends. You have plenty of time to submit a screenshot, but they have to be in a specific category, these four to be precise.

Fight Club

You just have to build your very own arena, which you should have either way so that you have a place to fight your friends for fun, or even enemies.

Hoarders of Tamriel

People who really like to collect things have a perfect category for them, so amass as many items as you want to and win amazing prizes while you’re at it.

House Party

This category is definitely made for those players that constantly have a party going on in their home.

Fantastical Constructs

Lastly, this category wants as much creativity as possible to be used with the furnishing items to really enhance the look of your dwelling place.

Upload the screenshots directly to the ESO Home Decoration entry form that’s located on the game’s official Facebook page to apply for the contest. Or you can just use Twitter or Instagram and the #ESOHomeDecoration hashtag to enter the competition. When the competition ends, four grand prize winners and four runners-up will be awarded, each representing one category.

The four grand prize winners will receive a private Nedic ruin in Tamriel, also known as the Earthtear Caver, a copy of The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind Digital Collector’s Edition, 6000 crowns that you can spend in the ESO Crown Store, a lithograph that was signed by the entire Elder Scrolls Online development team, and, finally, one Elder Scrolls Online t-shirt!

If you aren’t a part of the big four, don’t worry, by being the four runners-up you will get 3000 crowns for the ESO’s Crown Store, a mini-poster, and an Elder Scrolls Online t-shirt!


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