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The Elder Scrolls Online Bringing Back Battlemaster’s Corner

The Elder Scrolls Online really loves its community of players. So much so that they often spotlight special players for their deeds or special characters that have been created for the game. With the freedom the game gives you to outfit your characters the way you want, you can create some very special characters that are suited to specific tasks or have a certain specialty that is available only because of how you built them. The Elder Scrolls Online used to show those special builds off via the Battlemaster’s Corner, and now it’s back.

The Battlemaster’s Corner is back after almost 2 years of absence. If you think you have a character that is very unique in how it fights, then you can submit it to the team with a picture and a description of what it can do. They ask that you be very specific because the more details they have the more they can judge on what it can do and how impressive it is.

Elder Scrolls Online

They do note though that high volume will mean that they can’t display every character that is submitted. However, they do want you to share it with the other players by submitting it to the Player Guides section of the site so that they might follow your lead of character build.

What kind of cool build are they looking for? It’s open-ended. Did you make a character that is the ultimate threat in PVP? Did you make a perfect balance of offense and defense so that no matter what foe you face, you’re ready? Submit that. Just be sure that the picture you take shows the character in good quality and doesn’t show the UI or other aspects. So show off your build and see if it gets recognized.


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