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Edge Magazine Reveals Destiny 2 Details

We are less than a month away from the console launch of Destiny 2, and fans are eagerly awaiting more and more details about the game. Especially since some things have been confusing fans of late. Well, the people at Edge Magazine got to meet up with Bungie and got to see some key things that will surely make fans happy. And though they weren’t able to reveal everything, they were able to reveal some things. Which will have to do for now.

The list of things they found was compiled on Reddit. For example, apparently, the beta did not show off the final version of the Energy Weapons of Destiny 2. Specifically, how they work against AI opponents with elemental shields. If you are able to destroy the shield with an energy weapon, the shield will explode, and damage all enemies in the nearby area.

In regards to Nightfall strikes, they have a time limit. So you’ll have to use them wisely. One example from the magazine said they had a 13-minute gap between two.

Destiny 2

The size of the game was more-or-less revealed, as Destiny 2 will have 80 missions to complete along with PVE activities. What’s more, these missions will have clear depth, importance of story, will be challenging, but will also be rewarding.

Apparently, at one point in development Bungie realized that they had more content being made than there was actual progression in making the game itself. Naturally, they fixed that as time went on.

Finally, Edge Magazine teased that there would be more to the Hunter class than players have seen before, but Bungie asked not to reveal more than that. Redditors are speculating on what it all means, but it has them excited, for the most part.

Are you excited for what has been revealed for Destiny 2? Let us know in the comments below.

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