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Eador. Imperium Arrives on Steam

capsule_mainEador. Imperium is now available on Steam (this is not a typo) and is offering a 10% discount for its Early Access.

Let’s take a closer look at what this game has to offer. To keep it simple, Eador is an RPG that combines best traits of Heroes of Might & Magic and Civilization. You are given a choice to pick one hero and lead your units to the ultimate victory.


Eador. Imperium is a standalone expansion that offers a completely new map or as they call it Shard World, new heroes, 15 brand new units and completely new tactical map. Keep in mind that this is still an Early Access and that a lot more awaits us as the game develops.

At the moment, the players are able to try out 4 heroes and 15 units, but as the game comes closer to the finished version the players will be able to play  a brand new single-player campaign, and will be given a chance to play with another 15 units. For more in-depth information about heroes and units, you can visit the official site.

The overall feedback on Steam for this game is quite positive so we are really excited to try it out. The developer, Snowbird Games, is definitely doing an outstanding work and let’s hope this won’t change.



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