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E3 Proves Nintendo Listens To Its Fans According To Some

When it comes to video games, there is always going to be a question of whether a developer or a publisher actually listens to their fanbase. After all, it’s the fans that buy the games that makes them money. Yet, sometimes it seems like the fans thoughts and feelings aren’t accounted for. Despite being beloved, Nintendo certainly has fallen into this category more often than they would like. Fans often cry out for certain games or titles, yet Nintendo doesn’t seem to want to bring them. Until E3 2017 that is.

In arguably the most important E3 for the company. Nintendo came out swinging with not only big demos of their 2017 titles, but also dropping bombshells for future titles. These included Rocket League, and not one but two Metroid games. This got the fans so moved that they proclaimed the greatness of Nintendo, and of course were touched that they listened to them.

“It might seem insignificant, but it’s true. Nintendo is listening.” said Reddit user alluvicqueen

It’s hard to deny that claim. Fans have been asking for Rocket League on Switch basically since the console was announced. As for Metroid, fans have been waiting an entire gaming generation for it to return. Now, the fact they went back to the Metroid Prime part of the series is a surprise for sure, but it proves how much Nintendo listens to its fans because they loved the original trilogy.

Another reason they proved it was by announcing a core Pokemon RPG at the Spotlight event, something that fans have been wanting on consoles for quite some time. And after the not-well-received Pokemon Direct, it was clear that they wanted to show that what the fans was coming.

Now it’s true that Nintendo is a business, and that they have to do things that the fans won’t like, but E3 2017 shows they take the fans hopes and wishes into consideration too.

Written by GlyphMasterson

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