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E3 2016 Predictions: Nintendo

If there’s one company that can be described as enigmatic, it’s Nintendo. They constantly do things that we don’t expect and move against the typical flow of the industry. Microsoft and Sony say HD, Nintendo says “480p, but with a focus on motion controls.” Everyone wants to move in one direction, and Nintendo moves in a different one. E3 is no different for them.

Sun and MoonWhen press conferences were the name of the game, Nintendo decided that it was simply too expensive and ineffective, so they switched to their “Nintendo Direct” live stream series. This year, however, they’re foregoing that in favor of a treehouse live series, covering the new Legend of Zelda title for the Wii U and Nintendo NX as well as some other titles like Pokemon Sun and MoonMonster Hunter Generations, and more.

While this is what Nintendo said, it may not hold true, as last year they were full of surprises. They had an entire Super Smash Bros. themed Nintendo Direct last year where plenty of future DLC including characters like Roy and Ryu were announced, and surprisingly enough, the characters were revealed to be made available following the presentation.

I think the only thing we can expect is the unexpected. Will Nintendo reveal any new games this year? Not likely.

Nintendo has confirmed however that they intend to do an E3 e-shop sale. What that entails will be revealed over time, but we will cover it for sure.

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